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1. Voluntary and Open Membership

Co-ops are voluntary organizations that allow membership opportunities for all.

2. Democratic Member Control

All members have equal voting rights, with one vote per person, ensuring that everyone has a voice. 

3. Members' Economic Participation

The members decide how to distribute any surplus capital.

4. Autonomy and Independence

The members of the co-op determine everything it does which allows the co-op to function independently and be self-sustaining.

5. Education, Training and Information

Internal and external education efforts are both necessary practices, highlighting the need for member training and support as well as community engagement.  

6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Creating a larger network of cooperatives allows independent organizations to better serve their members and the community. 

7. Concern for Community

Cooperatives should think and act on both a local and global level.

Citation: 7 Cooperative Principles—Values of a Co-op. (n.d.). NCBA CLUSA. Retrieved June 15, 2022, from

The following encompasses the Standard 7 Cooperative principles

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